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Wood Fences

This gallery contains a small selection of the types of fences we offer, so check back often for newly added fencing. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Double Sided Privacy Board Fence

This is a double sided privacy board fence with 1"x 4" boards alternately spaced on front and back of the backer rails. This fence looks the same on both ideas. Available with a straight top only. A cap and trim board can be added.

Miscellaneous Wood Fences

If you're thinking about a wood fence for protection, privacy, pools, decorative, or dog containment we can help you select the best choice for your landscape and fencing needs. Below are some of our installed wood fences.

Post & Rail Fencing

Both of these post and rail styles use round, white cedar rails, but the ends of the rails are different.

Avon: Round, white cedar rails with doweled ends. Available in 8' or 10' sections.
Anson: Round, white cedar rails with paddle ends. Available in 10' sections.

Privacy Board Fence

Privacy board fence with close set 1" X 4" boards. A cap strip can be added at the top to enhance the beauty of the fence. Available in straight, scalloped or crown top panels.

Privacy Board Fence

Privacy board fence with close set 1" X 4" board. The boards have dog eared tops. This panel style is built with straight tops.

Rockland Panel with Modified Top

A modified Rockland panel with a lattice or ladder top. Available in straight top panels only. These panels must be "stepped" to follow grade. A 5"x5" post is required for installation of this panel.

Spaced Picket Fence

Spaced picket fence built with doweled ends on the backer rails so that the posts are revealed from the front side of the fence. This style uses a 1"x 3" square edge picket with either a traditional or cathedral top. (These panels are pre-assembled at our shop). Available in straight or scalloped top panels.

Split Rail Fencing

These two styles are both the true "split" rail fencing. However, they differ in the type of wood used.
Carrabassett: Made of western red cedar. Comes in 10' sections.
Oquossoc:Locust posts with scarf hardwood rails. Available in 10' sections.

Wooden Fence Tops

These are the different styles of wooden fence tops we offer. Click on the picture to view the full selection.